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Master Gardener Presents

On the first Saturday of each month (except July), join one of our Master Gardener volunteers who will present topics related to gardens and gardening.  The presentation is held at the Appleton Public Library from 10 - 11:30 a.m.  There is no charge.

November 1, 2014:  Caring for our Feathered Friends.   Bird feeding is not only a popular hobby, it's vital to their health and safety during the cold winter months.  Trees and shrubs provide protection and some nutrition, but adding feeders to your garden will make sure there is sufficient food to get through the harsh weather.  It's also fun to watch the birds out your windows!  Join Tammy Borden to learn more about how to care for our winged friends.


Important Warning!

Crazy Worm, (Amynthas agrestis), is an invasive earthworm native to East Asia. This active and damaging pest was found in Wisconsin in 2013. It is known and sold under a variety of common names including crazy worms, Alabama jumpers and snake worms.

Native to Asia, they are extremely active, aggressive and have voracious appetites. They jump and thrash immediately when handled and behave more like a threatened snake than a worm, sometimes fracturing and shedding their tail when caught. They are 1.5-8" in length. Unlike most other earthworms, their clitellum (the middle band of the worm) is not raised, and they have a pointy head and tail. 

They have a very high reproductive rate. They severely impact forest ecosystems by devouring the leaf litter, which reduces the supply of organic matter available for tree regeneration and diversity. 

  • Don't release live bait on land or in water.
  • Dispose of live worms in the trash.
  • Clean shoes and tire treads-Don't spread worm eggs!
  • Keep your compost contained near forests

Become a Master Gardener

The Master Gardener program is an all-volunteer organization sanctioned by Land Grant institutions in each state, and functions as an extension of the college or university. In Wisconsin, the program is sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Extension.  The goal of the MG Program is to train enthusiastic volunteers so they can, in turn, provide research-based information on a wide variety of horticultural topics to their communities.  Find out how easy it is to become a Master Gardener!

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Welcome to the Outagamie County Master Gardener Association.

We're one of 52 chapters of the Wisconsin Master Gardener Program. Master Gardeners Volunteers are trained volunteers who assist staff at the University of Wisconsin-Extension by helping the community understand horticulture and its significance to the environment. Master Gardener Volunteers are involved in a variety of community activities, including youth and adult education projects.  Within our organization are experts on a wide-ranging variety of topics; please contact us if you need a Speaker for your next event. 

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