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Educational Articles and Webinars

There are a huge number of informational sites that can answer your questions about plant care, harvesting, herb drying, pest management, and so much more.  The Outagamie County Master Gardener Association publishes articles on a variety of topics in the quarterly newsletter.  One year of newsletters (4 issues), plus an archive of past issues, are posted to this website under 'About Us - Newsletters' and we invite you to peruse both the current and archived issues when you have questions.

Many good articles are published each month and posted on the website of the WI Master Gardener Program.  Additionally, WIMGA creates and posts educational webinars that provide extremely useful information and are focused on issues or problems we're currently experiencing in Wisconsin.

Another useful resource is the University of Wisconsin-Extension, and we have a very knowledgeable and helpful group of experts right in Outagamie County.  Not only is the website helpful, many of the employees are members of our Master Gardener group.

Birds & Blooms magazine employs the services of reknowned horticulturist and "Plant Doctor" Melinda Myers to answer questions in a series of online articles called 'Glad You Asked'.  Melinda Myers also has her own website loaded with information in the form of audio and video tips, podcasts, and copies of handouts used at her lectures.

Focusing on our state, Wisconsin Gardening posts many of the same articles that appear in the magazine to its website.

This is, of course, just a very small sampling of the information that is accessible via the internet.  Be sure to explore on your own -- and be sure to read the many gardening blogs that have sprung up all over.  Reading about someone else's adventures and misadventures can really brighten your day!

Note to Master Gardener Volunteers:  these learning sites are not approved as Continuing Education hours unless specifically identified as such.