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Become a Master Gardener Volunteer

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Becoming a Volunteer in the Outagamie County Master Gardener Association is an easy and worthwhile process:

The first step is to review our brochure to fully understand the organization and the expectation of the volunteers; then complete the Master Gardener Volunteer classes.  The weekly classes are offered annually, through the UW-Extension, at 3365 W. Brewster St., Appleton, beginning in February through June. You must achieve at least a 70-percent score on the final, open-book exam.  

These classes will satisfy the required Education Hours as well as the 24 hours of Volunteer Service on sanctioned projects required by October 1st each year.   As a resource, new members may take advantage of our mentor program, provided from within the ranks of our membership, if desired.

To register, email Mary Learman at britmary7@yahoo.com, or telephone 920-739-9496.  Or contact the UWX at 920-832-5119. The cost of $200 includes annual dues.

To apply for an educational grant, please download and submit our application: 

Download _appplication 


Recertification is required annually to remain a Master Gardener Volunteer in good standing. To be recertified, attend 10 hours of continuing education and provide 24 hours of volunteer service. Submit documentation of hours to the UW-Extension by October 1st every year. Use the Timesheet for Members form, which includes directions on how to report your hours.

Additional information about the Master Gardener program is available on the  Wisconsin Master Gardener Program web site.